Callouts 2002

DateIncident/StageDescriptionAgenciesHOPE Teams
April 20029-11 - New York CityFollow up visits with NYC firefighters, and other responders, and school childrenHOPE AACRPNW Teams
September 2002Williams Fire - CaliforniaSupported firefighters at fire base camps and evacuees at Red Cross shelters.Red Cross; California Dept. of ForestryLois Abrams & Duke; Taryn Hefler & Darby; Katherine Gigandet & DeeNee; Pat Harper & Trudy; Richard Lowy & Otis; Marcy Lowy & Otis
September 20029-11 Memorial - VirginiaSupported memorial service at the American Red Cross National Emergency Operations CenterRed CrossAmy Rideout & Janie