Callouts 2004

DateIncident/StageDescriptionAgenciesHOPE Teams
JanuaryMultiple Dwelling Fire - VirginiaSupported DAT callout to multiple family house fire.Red Cross Richmond ChapterJill Cucaz & Custer
April911 Call Center Support - OregonSupport to 911 dispatchers affected by accidental death of a childWashington CountyMarcy Lowy & Otis; Richard Lowy & Otis
MayChild Death - OregonProvided comfort and support at a school sponsored reception following a memorial service for a child that died.Washington CountyMarcy Lowy & Otis; Richard Lowy & Otis
July911 Call Center Support -OregonProvided support and encouragement to county 911 dispatchers affected by a difficult call with a child in distress.Washington County 911 Call CenterMarcy Lowy & Otis; Richard Lowy & Otis