Drills & Events 2018

Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy)EventDescription & Days on SiteAgency NameTeamsRegion
01/17/2018CERT Training SessionHOPE teams attended the training and did a presentation about HOPE's Mission.Office of Emergency Management and Communications-Cook County, ILTerri Rafter and Sweetie
Julie Bereckis and Boston
Amy Read and Buster
Cathy Barnes and Anela
01/21/2018MI Winter Dog ClassicA "meet and greet' at Michigan's Largest Dog Show.NoneKathie Whitehouse and BaileyMWR
01/24/2018"Do it for Daniel" Suicide Awareness ProgramProvided comfort after the presentation for teachers, students, and parents.Munising (MI) High School
Superior Central (MI) Schools
Keena Jones and BellaMWR
01/27/2018University of Arizona Biomedical CampusHOPE teams were invited to attend their event which draws many families due to its ingenius vendors.University of Arizona Biomedical CampusPam Reinke & Hope;
Mary Lou Jennings & Cricket;
Penny Summers & Lilly
01/26/2018Chandler Unified School DistrictAs a result of the impacts during a recent deployment the HOPE teams were invited to attend and give a presentation at a district meeting. During some of the presentations, the dogs provided comfort and support to the attendees at the meeting due to the subject matters discussed at the meeting.Chandler Unified School DistrictMarla Martella & Yodi;
Cindy Jacques & Yankee Doodle;
Sharon Martin & Abby;
Natalie Widomski (TL)
01/19/2018Arizona Department of Education, Emergency PreparednessHOPE teams were invited to do a presentation to representatives of about 40 AZ schools/districts at their quarterly Emergency Preparedness Meeting.Arizona Department of Education, Emergency PreparednessMarla Martella (TL);
Beth Ells & Cinder;
Wendy Guy & Stella;
Cindy Jacques & Yankee Doodle;
Sharon Martin & Abby
01/08/2018San Mateo County Red CrossHOPE teams were invited to do a presentation to the San Mateo County American Red Cross.San Mateo County American Red CrossMichael Jacobs & Molly;
Kathy Felix & Cody
02/13/2018City of Simi ValleyHOPE teams were invited to Simi Valley's 8th Annual Youth Service Provider Meet and Greet.City of Simi ValleySarah Jane Chelin & Bailey;
Chantal Chelin & Maverick
02-18-2018Washington County Juvenile Services Visit to Washington County Juvenile Services to assist in meetings with offenders and in court Juvenile Services Hillsboro County Liz Schwelker & Jazzi PNW