Events 2012

1/13/12Ventura Sheriffs AcademyHOPE PresentationAcademy InstructorClaudine Singer & Gracie, Kristine Coyle & Haven
2/16/12Cal. Teachers Association Presentation to CADRECTAMary Nobbe & Mason, Pam Kitani & Hope, Kirstin Kline & Carlos
2/19/12Regional MeetingReview of 2012 events, goals, Open House, Screenings & WorkshopReg. DirectorLois Abrams, Jan Aven, Pam Bertz, Sue Daulton, Holli Hargrove, Susan Harris, LaWana Heald, Constance Howell, Kathy Lowmiller, Elizabeth Martin, Mary Milton, Claudine Singer, Deborah Yee Litt
3/31/12Emergency ExpoHOPE BoothCity of Santa ClaritaKristin Bret Harte & Lily, Constance Howell & Cigfa
4/18/12Emergency ExpoHOPE BoothCity of Los AngelesConstance Howell & Cigfa, Jan Aven & Muffin
6/02/12Arthritis FoundationHOPE BoothSan Diego, CAMary Milton & Oz
1/16/12Harmoney School
Workshop for middle school children. HOPE PresentationHarmony School Distr.Deirdre Stanton & Brie
5/19/12Brest Cancer Networkretreat for breast cancer
survivors or those currently fighting breast cancer.
Support for survivors
Marcia HeaneyDiane Morse & Chloe
Kathleen Kremer & Sadie
5/14/12Harkness Career & Technical CenterHOPE presentations to the Exceptional High School students. Pat PerryDiane Morse & Chloe
4/12/12UBS financial services
Indianapolis, IN
Hope presentation of teams experience on recent call out to Henryville tornado of 3/2/12.Cliff SellersGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
Hamilton County Indiana
HOPE presentation to CERT training class. Dwight DickersonGayle Sprnkle & Charlie
1/03/12Town of Brighton NY, Senior CenterHOPE presentation Nancy McGorySusan Mac Dougall & Phoenix
1/6/12Celebration of LifeEmotional Support for individuals attending services for young woman who lost her two year battle with leukemia n/aSusan Mac Dougall & Phoenix
2/16/12St. Benedict's SchoolHOPE presentation to School ChildrenKathy FinaldiDiane Morse & Chloe
6/02/12Erie County Animal Response Teampresentation about HOPE AACR Tracy YerkeyMelanie Dunbar & Gus
6/23/12Natural Element Retreats Center
Union City PA
First Annual Heal the Healers Conference invited to educate participants on animal-assisted healing, Julie GeorgeMelaine Dunbar & Gus
Hamilton County, IN
HOPE Booth at fundraiser for local chariety. Teamed up with CERT to support communityJon BaldwinGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
5/31/12Almira Academy
Brooklawn, OH
Interactive Presentation of comfort dogs @ Career DayPaula ClearyChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
4/22/12Honor Flight Rochester1st Rochester Honor Flight w/ HOPE participation visited with families waiting for the veterans to arrive, interacting with family members from babies to senior citizens.
Honor Flight Rochester Edwin MenchSusan Mac Dougall & Phoenix
5/02/12Hope PresentationHOPE story and shared our experiences, especially
FEMA Disaster Recovery, VT 9/11/2011 weekend.
St. John's AuxiliarySusan Mac Dougall & Phoenix
5/12/12Memorial /and mediaparticipated in the arrival ceremonies for the body of US Army
Captain Bruce Clark, KIA Afghanistan, at the Monroe County Intern'l Airport. Were interviewed and taped by a local TV station and also by an AP stringer.
US ArmySusan Mac Dougall & Phoenix
5/20/12EMS Family PicnicMeet and great, shared information regarding comfort dogs/HOPE AACR. several inquiries for our servicesLancaster Public Safety and Training School
-Craig Elmer
Patricia Hess & Abby
Gail Thompson & Tani
Marcia Bresson & Gracie
6/2/12HOPE AACR at CART presentation about HOPE . We shared the mission of HOPE and what we do.Erie County Animal Response Team
Tracey Yerkey
Melanie Dunbar & Gus
6/6/12"Fire School" event was for community awareness re: "Fire School" large crowds. We took purple heart basket, filled with candies. The kids enjoyed the dogs.
Lancaster Public Safety and Training Patricia Hess & Abby
Gail Thompson & Tani
7/19/12Noblesville CERTPresentation about HOPE/ comfort dogs and crisis work. Henryville experienceCERT
Jon Baldwin
Gayle Sprinkle & Charlie.
7/20/12VOAD Case #209 & 211follow up with VOAD on unmet needs from the house damage from the flooding as a result of tropical storm Lee in the fall of 2011. Visited with resident while home being inspected.
Tim Brown.,VOADGail Thompson & Tani
8/7/12Manor TownshipHope Booth. HopeAACR display board, candy and business cardsAmos HessPatricia Hess and Abby
6/18-6/30/2012HopeAACR travel and desentization trainingIsland Cruise. It was a 90 minute boat ride with many people interacting with Abby.
The Downeast Railroad is a 90 minute train ride. There are free bus rides. The "Island Explorer" is pet friendly and connects hotels to Acadia Park and all the way to Ellsworth. Passed out HopeAACR brochures to Acadia Park Rangers
THessRDPatricia Hess and Abby
8/11/12 Pennsylvania State Policehosted by the Pennsylvania State Police and included a variety of representatives from law enforcement and emergency medical teams. It was an opportunity for the public to become aware of the various agencies and
the services they perform.
Sue Francis & Kelsea
Melanie Dunbar and Gus
Yvonne Eaton-Stull and Maggie
Diane Mann and Maji
Sue Francis and Kelsea
Mahlia Mann, Team Leader
Darlene Grandinetti, Team Leader
8/13/12 PA Association of School Retireespresentation on HOPE AACR. Explained benefits of crisis dogs and examples of school crises we have assisted with. Barb Stockton Yvonne Eaton-Stull & Zeus
Jane Hill (TL)
8/17/12VOAD case 212follow up with VOAD on unmet needs from the house damage from the flooding. Interacted with 3 children and adultsTim Brown.,VOADGail Thompson & Tani
8/10/12 VOAD Case 213follow up with VOAD on unmet needs from the house damage from the flooding. VOLD realizing the benefits of Tani being along. Tim Brown.,VOADGail Thompson & Tani
9/01/12CEN- Indianapolis, INHOPE presentation at work shop for Emergency Net work. Neil Cox, CENGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
9/22/12Hamilton Co CERTparticipate in the GOLF class training under the
Physiological portion and then an additional 30 min presentation on HOPEAACR
and working dogs in Crisis situations
Jon Baldwin CertGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
10/8/12Epworth UMC CircleFeatured Speaker for group of 20 on history of Comfort dogs, History of HOPE and shared call outs and events. Potential for dontations, Karen BurchGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
10/1-3/2012Crisis Intervention Association of PAconference was held for crisis agencies/providers throughout PA. HOPEAACR provided a workshop on Canine response to
families in crisis
Leslie PalmerYvonne Eaton-Stull & Zeus
t/l: Jane Hill
11/21-24/12retirement facility - Spring Lakevisiting home town of Point Pleasant Beach.
listen to their stories. I stopped by the town police station to let them know
we were available
Jill Cucaz & Willoughby
7/9, 16, 23 30/2012Camp ImagineCamp Imagine is a six week program geared toward students with special needs.students learned how to take care of Jetta, brushing, petting, how to bath and brush her teethAvon Lake City SchoolsChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
11/15/12Lorain County Girl Scoutsgirl scout troop. discussed the care and training of owning a dog. talked about therapy work which lead into crisis response work. Christine Spaetzel & Jetta
10/11/12St.Augusta Schoolpresentation to class room of comfort dogs, how they differ form search & res. and other working dogsJudy S. teacherGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
11/11/12Town of Brighton NYDedication of the new Brighton Veterans Memorial
Phoenix stood at attention for the ceremonies, and after the formalities we had the opportunity to spread the word about HOPE and our mission. Phoenix was delighted to interact with the veterans and their families but spent much of his time with the families whose sons were Killed in Action in Iraq and Afghanistan.
MaryAnn HussarSusan MacDougall & Phoenix
11/12/12Battle of the Bulge Veterans Day WWII Veterans. Took part n Memorial ceremony and then interacts with the veterans, their families and members of the public in attendancePublic EventSusan MacDougall & Phoenix
10/21/12Honor Flight Rochester last flight of the year. The Welcome Home ceremony was also a time for goodbyes to all our fellow volunteers. opportunity to participate, to have thanked 276 WWII veterans and to have met and worked with so many truly devoted volunteers.Woody MenchSusan MacDougall & Phoenix