Events 2013

10/23/13National VOAD Fall MeetingParticipated in disaster planning with other National Level Partners.National VOADJanice Jensen & Dixie
05/19/13Honor Flight Rochester #28our 8th Welcome Home Ceremony. One Honor Flight volunteer is interested in inviting us for a presentation to a veterans group. Several Patriot Guard Riders (PGR)wanted to know how to train a therapy dog and a HOPE dog Woody MenschSusan MacDougall & Phoenix
05/19/13Lancaster Co EMAcompany picnic for the emergency personnel from Lancaster General Hospital invited to represent Hope at this event.Brenda PittmanGail Thompson & Tani
Trish Hess with Abby
05/18/2013Pet Day on the Bay, Hornblower Cruise, San Diego, CACruise on San Diego Bay as a training exercise for our HOPE dogs.HOPELaWana Heald & Anise
Carol Betzer & Malibu
Karen Blackburn & Molly
Jeannie Eagan & Annie
Constance Howell & Cigfa
Katherine Jarrett & Teddy
Paula Sargent & Jada
Nancy Drake & Columbo
Pam Bertz, Martin Tolone and Noreen Yoshida Peer attended with Pet Partner Dogs.
05/18/13Cub Scout Weekend Campcub scout weekend camp for families and Ron invited me to come to talk about service dogs and HOPE dogs. Cub Scout Weekend CampGail Thompson & Tani
05/15/13Pennsylvania State Policea presentation to the Members Assistance Program and Chaplains from the Eastern PA Region of the Pennsylvania State Police. This resulted from making contact with them after a shooting in the region and wanting to further a partnership with us. Corporal Gary StuckeyMelanie Dunbar & Gus
05/05/13VOADChurch invited my VOAD group to present what we do and I got to explain what Tani's role is following a disaster. Peace United Church for Christ, north of Lancaster, GAIL THOMPSON & Tani
05/04/13VOAD case #226.Elizabethtown, PA. We went to talk to the husband and wife concerning damage to their store which is attached to their home caused by Hurricane Lee. Tim BrownGAIL THOMPSON & Tani
05/04/13Camboro Veterinary HospitalPet Olympics Bark for Life Event each year to benefit Relay for Life, had a table to provide information about HOPE and Animal-Assisted Crisis ResponseJen SlicherMelanie Dunbar & Gus
05/04/13Homeplace/Carmel-clay Fire departmentAnnual Fire station community awareness ice cream social. Several agencies were there as to community support groups. Firestation had a call while we were their, everyone was impressed that Charlie didn't seem to mind the trucks going out and the sirens. CERT and Sparky the fire dogGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
05/03/13Hamilton County CERTtraining class INDIA for CERT. We were a part of the psycl. 1st aid training on the values of emotional care. Shared our call out experiences of Henryville, Richmond HIlls, State Fair and apartment shootings. our CE requirements and training. Everyone got to play with Charlie before the class started and had many questions as to experiences.Corey BGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
04/29/13Harkness Career & Technical Center3rd year we have been invited to talk to some of the exceptional students (juniors, seniors &; super seniors). I explain the training/testing we go through for Pet Partners &; HOPE AACR. Demonstrated Chloe in some of her special gear (life jacket, booties, doggles, etc.). Lynn MancusoDiane Morse & Chloe
04/23/13Workshop for Crisis workers IDHSIDHS sponsored a workshop , EMT, Fire, Police, Red Cross, CERT and many more on what to do in emergencies involving people with disabilities and children. Kim Douglas, Marion County CERT and IDHS Gayle Sprinkle & Charlie
04/23/13Philelphia Emergency Management Summitto promote HOPELee VangGail Thompson & Tani
4/23/13Penn Lakes Girl Scout CouncilPresentation to 15 Girl Scouts (grades 6-12) on Careers with Canines. Topics : training, call-outs, public awareness, volunteerism and the relationship of the team, handler shared their experience. Darlene Grandinetti T/L
Yvonne Eaton-Stull & Zeus
Melanie Dunbar & Gus
Dianne Mann & Magi
04/22/13BlueMile remembrance Boston Marth.In light of the bombing at the Boston Marathon, Blue Mile had a remembrance, support walk run one week after the incident. Charlie and I were asked to come to share in emotional support. We greeted walkers and runners - shared the need to live without fears. Blue MileGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
04/21/13Honor Flight Rochester Flight 27Phoenix and I joined the flag line to welcome home the 46 veterans on this trip. Woody MenschSusan MacDougall & Phoenix
04/20/13Rally To The Rescue 2013Super Pet Adoption Event which was part of a 3 day radiothon,We were the only working dog or crisis response dog in attendance. There were so many questions and information shared it was almost overwhelming. Partners With PawsChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
04/13/13Bark for Life of Pottstown, PA SAR organization: Collegeville K9 Search and wanted to give HOPE exposure alsoMarge Deshon, Deputy Training Coordinator, Gail Thompson & Tani
3/28/13Penn Lakes Girl Scout CouncilPresentation on working dogs Described work of a crisis dog and past callouts. Provided time for girls to visit with the dogsBrittany @ Girl Scout CounselMalia Mann t/l
Yvonne Eaton-Stull & Zeus
Melanie Dunbar & Gus
Diane Mann & Maji
3/24/13Jeff Ellis International Karatea child safety fair, approx. 2000 people. The local police department finger printed children and completed safety kits with the parents, there was a fire truck, Life Flight Helicopter, self defense karate demonstrationsJeff EllisChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
3/21/13Red Cross - Red Tie Affair Red Cross table, we talked to hundreds of people and Jetta got to many hugs, belly rubs and ear scratches to count! Everyone loved hearing what HOPE is all about and they are excited to know Red Cross and HOPE have joined forces. approx. 600 people at this eventArt Mead @ Red CrossChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
3/10/13Jeff Ellis International Karatechild safety fair, Jetta was the only "real animal" there, local police department finger printed the children and completed safety kits with the parents. There was a fire truck, Life Flight Helicopter. insurance agent has supplied me with coloring books(over 300) on, Safety with FidoJeff ellisChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
03/02/13Hamilton Co CERT- Hotel classassist in the psychological 1st aid training for 16 CERT members. Tied relationship with CERT and community involvement with therapy/comfort animals. Shared the experiences Corey B @ Hamilton Co. CERTGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
02/28/2013Presentation at Community Service Programs Monthly Educational presentation to CSP and the various agencies involved with Crisis Response in Orange County California to let them know HOPE AACR's mission and how they can use usHOPELaWana Heald & Anise
Lois Abrams & Duke
02/27/2013Presentation to UCI, Campus Assault Resources & Education DepartmentPresentation to UCI, CARE and how HOPE can help with the Take Back the Night EventHOPEDeborah Yee Litt
02/23/2013Paws 4 the CureCommunity Event 5K run/walk with dogs to benefit breast cancerCarol Betzer & Malibu
Nancy Drake & Columbo
Paula Sargent & Jada
02/16/2013Paws4Pink, Irvine Regional Park, Irvine, CACommunity Event, 5K run/walk with dogs to benefit breast cancerSarah Jane Chelin & Bailey
Chantal Chelin
Constance Howell & Cigfa
Katherine Jarrett & Teddy
Pam Lucado & Kona Kai
02/10/2013PSW Regional Meeting at UCI Medical Center, Orange, CARegional Mtg. with guest speaker Heather Williams, Program Director & Crisis Response Team Coordinator for Community Service ProgramsHOPE AACR
05/27/2013Veterans Day MemorialVeterans of the Battle of the Bulge WWII honor those lost in the battle of 12/1944-1/1945, and those members of the chapter who have died since the chapter was formed. There were about 60 veterans, their families and the public in attendance Public EventSusan MacDougall & Phoenix
06/10, 12, 13/2013Interfaith Hospitality Networkchurches rotate weekly providing shelter, basic neccessities and fun activities for homeless families. Jetta and I were invited to come during the "hang-out" time in the evenings. We did have to work around tornado warnings issued. Avon Lake United Church Of ChristChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
06/16/13Honor Flight Rochester # 29Father's Day arrival, Welcome Home event There were 46 veterans on this flight, five were women. we met a veteran who told of the dogs working with them in WWIIWoody MenchSusan MacDougall & Phoenix
06/25/13EFS8were invited to be a part of the 3rd annual event training/networking with other agencies in times of crisis. Many groups were there to network, learn who and how to interact with each other when something happens. Over 400 in attendance.Lee Christensen, Homeland SecurityGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
7/1-13/13Academy od Canine Behaviorwas able to speak to the Rainier Sporting Dog Association and the trainers at Academy of Canine Behavior as well as the Irish Water Spaniel Club of Puget Sound about the mission of HOPE. One of the trainers at the Academy is a certified SAR team and we enjoyed sharing our stories. I conducted 8 sessions of 1.5 hours in duration and a 7 hour Saturday seminar on obedience techniques for encouraging play in competition training. Melissa McMunnMelissa McMunn & Rugby
7/5/13Memorial Service for Lori Gurley's Step-MomLori introduced us and explained HOPE at the service. Her step-mom sounded like an amazing women. It was an honor to help the members of her family and friends on such a difficult day. Lori GurleyChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
5/4/132013 Dulles Airport Emergency DrillAirport Em. Drill with scenario of At least fifteen survivors were “extracted” from the plane. There were emergency personnel and equipment from eleven jurisdictions. HOPE teams and team leader particpated. American Red CrossJanet Velenovsky & Oscar
Jeremy D'Errico
Kaiya Burton Goldstein & M.G. Shellie Goldstein & Goldie
08/06/13National First Night OutInteracted with FD, Cert and multipel groups at event.Manor Township PolicePatricia Hess & Abby
08/06/13National Night Out - Southgate PlazaHad display showing the training, events &; call-outs members of HOPE AACR may encounter. We spoke to many individuals explaining HOPE AACR &; our mission. West Police DeptDiane Morse & Chloe
Kathleen Kremer & Sadie, Linda Limina & Angel
08/06/2013Walk the Halls at Westfield Schoolssupport prior to school starting for safety and support. 30 people gathered for words of encouragement and walked the halls/ exterior of the building to promote, pray for and support all students attending, staff and parents. To build community. OnSite InternationalGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
08/28/2013Walk the Halls at Carmel High Schoolsupport prior to school starting for safety and support. 37 people gathered for words of encouragement and walked the halls/ exterior of the building to promote, pray for and support all students attending, staff and parents. To build community.OnSite InternationalGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
09/11/139/11 Memorial Servicememorial service for 9/11 that was held at the Lancaster County EMA Training Center, Lancaster County VOADGail Thompson & Tani
09/21/13Big TrucksBig Trucks is an event where the city of Avon Lake. Vehicles present were police cars &;amp; motorcylces, fire trucks &;amp; ambulances, bomb squad vehicles.
JETTA: helped with children who were afraid
Nick CiconeChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
10/05/13Stancliff Hose Co.Fire department hosted a community open house. Exposure to lots of fire and ambulance equipment and the sherrifs mounted posse. Interacted with emergency responders and community members.Stancliff Hose CompanyYvonne Eaton-Stull & Zeus
Darlene Grandinetti TL Diane Mann &;amp; Maji Sue Francis &;amp; Kelsea
10/22/13Hamilton County CERTWE assisted in the physiological first aid portion, expressing the value of compassion and comfort, shared personal experiences of call outs in disasters as a part of HOPE AACR.
Lot of networking, several fire fighters, nurses and Homeland security were taking the course and very interested in the use of comfort dogs.
Jon BaldwinGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
10/30/13MA VOAD Summit HOPE AACR presentation to Massachusetts VOAD Summit.
We were introduced as the newest MAVOAD members and gave an overview of HOPE AACR to the entire group.
Steve Napoli Chair MAVOADNed Polan & Brinkley
11/08/13HABRIHABRI Central provides researchers, medical practitioners, health and pet-industry professionals and pet owners easy access to a comprehensive bibliography and repository of scholarly material. We were asked to be apart of the research Ian Ramsey-ProducerGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
11/20/13Girl Scout Presentation - Troop 30907presentation to 9 Girl Scouts their Leaders. I explained the training we went through for Pet Therapy (Pet Partners) HOP AACRDr. Franca DiFilippoDiane Morse & Chloe
10/23 & 24/13Fall Member Meeting, National VOADNational VOAD members: approximately 80 people present representing 50 non-profits and partner government organizations such as FEMA, GSA, and the Army Corps of Engineers. approximately 80 people present representing 50 non-profits and partner government organizations such as FEMA, GSA, and the Army Corps of Engineers.Jennifer Posten, NVOADJanice Jensen & Dixie
06/17/2013Camp ImagineCamp Imagine is a program for children with disabilities. It is truly an honor to work with these special children and meet their families at graduationGjergj HaxhiuChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
07/01,08,15,22, 31/2013Camp ImagineCamp Imagine is a program for children with disabilities. It is truley an honor to work with these special children and meet their families at graduationGjergj HaxhiuChristine Spaetzel & Jetta
12/04/13invited to testify before the Connecticut State Legislature Task Force on the Sale of Dogs and Cats from Inhumane Originsinvited to testify before the Connecticut State Legislature Task Force on the Sale of Dogs and Cats from Inhumane OriginsSenator Bob Duff, Representative Brenda KupchickNed Polan
12/11/13Blue Rock Fire Rescue Support Groupmeeting of the Fire Dept support group. At this particular meeting, banquet plans and FD license plates for the support group were reviewed. Abby interacted with the membersAmos Hess- PresidentPatricia Hess & Abby