April 2023
Dearest HOPE Members,
During this National Volunteer Week, a quotes comes to mind:

“Every time you give, every time you pay it forward, you create a ripple in the world around you.” – You, Me, We by Morag Barrett, Eric Spencer and Ruby Vesely
When each of you deploys it is like throwing out a stone into the world of crisis or public awareness, and the compassion and strength you and your canine partner provides ripples through our communities.
We the Board are honored to watch you throw those stones and watch the ripples flow!
Our sincere thanks for what each and every one of you do!

Thank You.
Your HOPE Board of Directors

Kathy Olin
Jeanne Hooke
Pam Madden
Heather Jenkins Brazzell
William Engelter
Janet Bonds
Barbara O’Dwyer
Jill Robinson
Cindy Becker
LaWana Heald