Peter running across America May 2024

HOPE Walk Across America Continues!

HOPE Across America Run


Peter running across America May 2024Michelle shared an update on Peter’s run across America!

My husband Peter is currently running across the country from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Newport, Oregon. He began his run over 1,100 miles! His run began on April 10 and as of May 25, we are in Iowa.

He is running to raise money for HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response. HOPE AACR is now an International nonprofit organization in the US and Canada. HOPE AACR teams provide comfort in times of crises or disaster with specially trained crisis response canines. They deploy at no cost. HOPE AACR works closely with FEMA, the Red Cross, and other crisis organizations.

Peter wants to raise money and awareness for HOPE AACR because the canines and handlers deploy at their own expense. They pay for all expenses when they fly or drive and stay in a hotel for a deployment. He also wants people to know about HOPE AACR so that they have a resource to call if there is ever a crisis in their community. These crises might be anything from a tornado, hurricane, mass shooting, death of a student in a school, etc. Also, HOPE AACR can always use more canine teams and team leaders and he is hoping a story done with you may increase awareness and inspire people to join with their canines.

There is also an additional story to this story. I walked across from Carlsbad, California to Jekyll Island, Georgia from SeptPeter and Kip in Iowaember 2023 to January 2024. When I was 3 miles from my finish, Peter had a Widow maker heart attack in front of my friend and I. We immediately started CPR, as we are volunteer firefighter/EMTs at home in Washington State. Peter’s heart stopped three more times in the hospital, but three months later he is pursuing his lifelong dream to cross the country on foot.

In the story, I see lessons about determination, living your dreams, hard work, not letting anything stop you from what you want, the value of volunteering and I believe it would appeal to the masses because almost everybody loves canines!

If you would like to donate on Peter’s behalf, scan the QR code. Thank you!