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How Can HOPE AACR Help?

HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response is prepared to lend assistance to First Response Agencies by sending Certified Animal-Assisted Crisis Response Teams where you need them most. Our response teams help to calm people affected by a crisis situation. The calming nature of our dogs help to redirect people while first responders can secure the scene. Our teams have served in many capacities over the past few years. Here’s a few examples of how HOPE AACR can assist your agency:

Types of Incidents:

  • Death Notifications
  • School Incidents
  • Suicides
  • Accidental Deaths
  • Structure Fires
  • Wild Fire Base Camps
  • Line of Duty Deaths
  • Multi-Casualty Incidents

Our teams are trained and certified to provide support and comfort to people affected by crises and disasters. From single person crises to national disasters, HOPE AACR is ready to help. We have experienced teams consisting of canines and handlers that are trained and tested to be able to respond under stresses of crisis response work. HOPE AACR Teams are ready to work side by side with you.  This is an article about the mechanism by which HOPE teams facilitate the healing process (Rapid Rapport via AACR).

All HOPE certified teams are are insured by a $1 million general liability policy.

Stress Management is an important consideration for first responders. HOPE AACR Teams can help provide needed relief for your staff, without saying a word. Interacting with calm, well-mannered dogs is known to help decrease heart rate, lower blood pressure, and helps first responders to unwind in a simple, yet effective way.

“Each and every firefighter had a positive reaction to your teams and it helped greatly with our grief. I’m a pretty big guy and a bit rough around the edges and yet I found myself hugging the dogs and found it so comforting in my time of grieving. I want to commend you and your teams, and want to thank you so very much for coming to our aid.”
— Captain Kevin Lauer, Gallatin Gateway Volunteer Fire Department

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