Schools, Hospitals & Pastoral Services

HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response is prepared to lend assistance to schools and school districts, hospitals, pastoral services, and other community institutions when our services would be beneficial soon after a traumatic event. Our certified handlers, partnered with their canines, have been specially trained to provide comfort and support to people who have experienced a recent crisis, disaster, or difficult loss. We frequently partner with mental health professionals and counselors in response to a crisis.

Here are some situations in which HOPE AACR can help:


  • Shootings
  • Fatal accidents of students or staff
  • Aftermath of violent or disruptive events
  • Student, staff, or parent illness related deaths
  • Any traumatic incident that affects student body
  • School counselor responses


  • Emergency Rooms following major incidents
  • ICU Waiting Areas following major incidents
  • Death Notifications
  • De-stressing staff members following major incidents
  • Emergency simulation drills
  • Assisting behavioral health staff

Pastoral Services:

  • For pastoral services at hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and congregations following major incidents.
  • Memorial Services
  • Death Notifications
  • Grief from loss of loved ones

HOPE AACR provides its services inclusive of multi-cultural, age, gender, racial, & religious diversity. Our work is based on strong scientific evidence that interactions with calm, friendly, well-mannered dogs in times of stress helps decrease heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and can promote both physical and emotional healing.

Our teams are trained and certified to provide support and comfort to people affected by crises and disasters. From single person crises to national disasters, HOPE AACR is ready to help. We have experienced teams consisting of canines and handlers that are trained and tested to be able to respond under stresses of crisis response work. HOPE AACR Teams are ready to work side by side with you. All HOPE certified teams are are insured by a $1 million general liability policy.

Our teams are able to respond under stressful and unpredictable environments, and are ready to work side by side with you to make your job easier during the recovery period following a disaster that affects one or many.

“I want to thank you for your assistance on last night’s call out…after seeing your team in action last night, I am convinced of the value of your service…”
— Chaplain Warren Wurzburger, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

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