Air Force Suicide Prevention Stand Down / Yellow Ribbon Event

Start Date: 11/03/2019


We were asked to attend and support this Yellow Ribbon Event for the Air Force at Moffett Field, Mountain View, Ca by Carolann Wunderlin.
She was impressed with the positive impact the HOPE teams had during another Yellow Ribbon event earlier this year in Palo Alto.
In requesting Hope Teams to attend she stated...
"I have witnessed the tremendous calming effect your teams have had at our Yellow Ribbon events and know that our members will
benefit the day of our Stand Down."

The day took place between 8am & 4pm. They estimated 800 military personnel would attend.
Everyone was divided into small discussion groups which promoted meaningful discussions on suicide, depression and similar topics. There were 30-40 of these small groups which filled a large hanger. Presentations were made by various professionals throughout the day.

The Hope Teams stood near the front during the talks and then mingled among the small groups during the breaks.
The dogs were eagerly welcomed by all and one of the comments in evaluating the day was ...."Next time , less talk and more dogs!"
The dogs seem to bring some needed relief and joy to all there.

The facility was very difficult to find on such a large base....thanks to Christi & Lisa's tenacity, we all arrived!

Agency: Airman & family Readiness Program Manager

Christi Bragg & "Gertie"; Lisa McCoy & "Roma"