Air National Guard Yellow Ribbon Event

Start Date: 2021-08-29

Description: This was the 2nd day of deployment to provide support for the Air National Guard members and their families through their deployment and reintegration. All teams followed COVID protocol with masks and hand sanitizer. We had a table set up with our HOPE banner and the dogs were in front and spread out. We were set up where the people walked by on their way to classes and to lunch. People stopped and pet the dogs and collected our trading cards. We were able to go to the children's area as the parents had given permission for us to visit. There was 3 different rooms for the kids according to their ages. There were approximately 20-25 kids in each room. All the kids were happy to see the dogs and eager to collect their trading cards. We stayed about 20 minutes in each room. it was a great event, well organized, and well attended. We all wore ID tags that were scanned as we entered and left a room for contact identification. On 8/31/2021 we received an email from yellow ribbon, Jenny Benesh, stating that there was a report on a COVID positive test from a participant at the Anaheim Yellow Ribbon event. It stated that the person was a child. We came in contact at the Child Care Check in and Out. The email stated the CDC protocol. Someone that has been fully vaccinated and shows no symptoms of COVID does not need to stay at home. Someone who had close contact with someone with COVID 19 and is not vaccinated should stay at home for 14 days and monitor for symptoms. All HOPE Yellow Teams wore masks at all times. Stayed at at least 6 feet apart and used hand sanitizer.

Agency: Air National Guard
Teams: Constance Howard and Kelda, Grace Chen and Bagle, Jodi Smith and Daltry