Air National Guard Yellow Ribbon Event

Start Date: 2021-08-28

Description: We were asked to attend this event to provied support for Air National Guard members and their families through their deployment/reintegration. We had a table set up with our HOPE banner and the dogs were in front and spread out. We were in an area where people passed by on their way to and from the hourly classrooms and lunch. Some got a "walk-by petting" and some stayed longer to talk, pet, and just sit with the dogs. We were unable to visit the children, as we sometimes do, because the organizers had not asked the parents when the children were dropped off. They promised to do that Sunday morning. It was a great event, as usual. Well organized and well attended. We were served a really great lunch, as well. We were all happy to be there and help our service people in this way.

Agency: Air National Guard
Teams: Carol Betzer and Skittles, Kathy Lowmiller and Mariah, Bari Boersma and Star, Constance Howell and Kelda