Alaska Airlines - Portland International Airport

Start Date: 2021-08-08

Description: Met up with David at the ticket counter where he introduced me to staff. He then escorted me to security then we headed down to the Alaska gates. Encountered many travelers along the way. We visited 4 different gates where we visited with some of the pilots and flight attendants. They were very receptive and appreciative of our time. At each gate I let Jazzi roam around greeting passengers. One gentleman in particular we spent quite a bit of time with. He immediately showed an interest in spending time with her. I noticed he had many fingers missing and scars over his entire body (perhaps a war veteran), this was a special connection indeed. She also spent a lot of time with a few over tired toddlers with may onlookers fascinated by Jazzi's calm patient manner as the little ones inspected her. I could tell this was a much needed deployment and was grateful for the opportunity. I honestly could not tell how many people she encountered but it was a lot....30+++

Agency: Alaska Airlines
Teams: None