Amazon Fullfillment Center Jax2

Start Date: 2020-10-02

Description: 10-02-2020 Team Leader Anne Bell There had been a shooting incident with the Amazon facility which resulted in a death and a hospitalization. We were asked to visit over multiple days throughout the facility to help with the stress and anxiety level. The visit consisted of walking throughout the facility meeting with employees as we walked. In larger areas we paused to allow more interactions. We always had employee guides with us due to security issues. The Amazon management was thrilled with the smiles that were visible as we interacted with the employees. We were thanked many, many times. 10-04-2020 Team Leader Susan Smalling # of visits = 300 There were canine therapy teams from other organizations present and we were able to stay together as a HOPE team as we worked the facility. 10-05-2020 Lori Coleman Team Leader # of visits = 115 Deacon ended up being the anchor dog, wrapping up HOPE'S response to the crisis at Amazon. The administration couldn't have been kinder and more accommodating. They supplied employees to guide us through the maze of departments. It was noisy, but not uncomfortably so. We enjoyed a break halfway through our shift. A lot of walking, and stairs were required (not an issue for us). Many Amazon employees expressed their thankfulness for us being there, and said that we had "made their day better".

Agency: Amazon
Teams: Karen Morehouse on 10-04-2020