Beaumont Tropical Storm Imelda MARC (Multi Agency Resource Center)

Start Date: 10/12/2019


We arrived at the Beaumont Civic Center and set up our booth at 9:30. The event hours were 11:00-4:00; however, lines had formed around the building starting at 7:30. We started having interactions before entering the building with anxious people in line. Our three teams from Houston started visits from agency vendors and a few clients at the booth as soon as we got it set up, then started sending two teams at a time to the outside lines by 11:00. Sara Gubala and Reagan joined us at 12:30. Additional space for lines was set up inside the building, so we started visiting with clients there so people wouldn't lose their place in line. At about 3:00, it was announced that the event would end before all the people in line would be seen by the agencies they needed. The hours were extended until 5:00. The Red Cross made plans to register people at other places in the area but couldn't continue to use the civic center on Sunday or Monday.

Agency: SETERF (Southeast Texas Emergency Relief Fund

Gwen Leever and Pickle Juice; Sara Gubala and Reagan