Belle Vernon Area School District - Middle / High -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Day One)

Start Date: 2021-12-20

Description: Started day in middle school, in library. Explained that I personally feel that rather than just passively wait in library/public area for oft chance someone might stop by, that it would be great if we could actively visit classrooms/areas of interest. Librarian gave us assigned room numbers and times. We broke up into Gayle (new team) and Shellie, and myself. Went to each of the rooms, even invited to come back to meet with next class. Felt these interactions were terrific. Next drove to high school. (Had anticipated potential “distancing” by teenage boys, towards a small dog. Even had thought about creating large cube/dice, with commands on each side. But didn’t have time.) We were taken to cafeteria, and heard “the dogs are finally here”, as I felt that someone had tipped the building towards us. Shellie scooped up Emma, and the Bear just ducked. We stayed in the cafeteria, as more kids stopped by, and evidently left. In parking lot, received call asking if we would stay for the next day.

Agency: Belle Vernon Area School District
Teams: Shellie Goldstein & Emma / Gayle Bragg & Hoot