Billings MT, CISM Training

Start Date: 04/29/2021


Requested to visit CISM training class with team to discuss how HOPE teams can engage and interact if called out by first responders attending the CISM training.

In a 30 minute presentation, provided background on myself, Bella, and the HOPE organization to the class. Also discussed the training both the dogs and handlers get to equip us to respond to incidents when requested as well as the fact that because we operate under an ICS model, we are well equipped to plug into incident response operating under the same model. Also spoke about how are processes of engaging and providing comfort are a useful tool in the CISM process. Addditionally noted that we could deploy as part of the CISM process for such things as difficult debriefings, etc.

Concluded with a 10 minute meet and greet with the participants during a class break so they could engage with Bella and myself and ask additional questions about HOPE and our processes. The visit appeared to be very well received by the CISM class.

Agency: Montana Highway Patrol

Harry Schlitz, TL RMR