Black Hat 2019... Synack Booth

Start Date: 08/06/2019


The Synack group donated their conference booth to HOPE AACR at the annual Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
Annual attendance for Black Hat USA is around 15,000 ...this was it's 22 year.
We were flown in the day before the conference started on 8-6-19. Abby and Gertie met at dinner in our hotel. We were at the conference
Wednesday, 8-7-19 for 5 hours and Thursday 8-8-19 for 4 hours. Synack had a great corner booth for us. They wanted our group to have the best possible exposure to share our HOPE AACR mission with attendees. On the first night we were also asked to meet in the Synack Hospitality suite with the Synack leaders and USA Veterans. Both HOPE teams flew home on Friday 8-9-19. Lisa Whiting did so much in the pre-deployment to make our trip and set up with Synack a success. Lisa helped set up flight services, talked countless times with our POC with Synack. Even helped Photoshop the photos they used for our cards. Even though she wasn't onsite, she did all the work of
a Team Leader and all the worry if all would go as planned

Agency: Synack

Chrisi Bragg and Gertie