Blueridge/Silverado Fire Base Camp

Start Date: 11/02/2020


This was the final day of a 5 day deployment to this base camp. We arrived in time for Mike to show us around the camp and prior to the 7:00 briefing. We stayed in the back of the group until the briefing concluded, at which time we were free to visit the strike crews, as well as those crews who remained at camp. We also spent time visiting the support staff who were in trailers, including mental health. We spent the remainder of the morning passing out lots of trading cards and having pictures taken with Abby and Kelda. The firefighters were especially upbeat on this day because they were told they would be striking camp and going home the next morning. It was a fitting conclusion to a week-long deployment. Mike expressed his gratitude to us and said our dogs were really appreciated and the visits helped raise morale among everyone at camp.

Agency: CalFire Peer Support

Constance Howell & Kelda