Blueridge/Silverado Fire Base Camp

Start Date: 10/28/2020


HOPE was asked by CalFire to respond to the Blueridge/Silverado Fire base camp located in Irvine California. We were asked to be there at 0630 so we could attend the 0700 briefing of the firefighters. After the briefing, we were asked to walk the "fire truck line". Constance and I attended the briefing at 0700. As the briefing concluded, we immediately engaged with firefighter personnel. We hung around the briefing area for about 45 minutes. Once the area cleared, we started to walk the "fire truck line". The dogs were well received, and greatly appreciated, by everyone we came in contact with. I always get a big kick out of interacting with some of the biggest, toughest firefighters as they get on their hands and knees and give out belly rubs to our pups.

After a couple hours, we headed back to the support trailers and mingled with the support staff. It was a little slow in this area but we did get to meet the OC Sheriff and his staff. They expressed their gratitude for us being there.

We left the base camp at about 1030.

Agency: Cal Fire Peer Support

Constance Howell - Kelda