Boots on the Ground for Heroes

Start Date: 2022-05-30

Description: Launched in 2016, Operation Stand Down Rhode Island’s (OSDRI) Boots on the Ground for Heroes Memorial presents almost 7,000 combat boots adorned with flags and placards. Each boot represents the life of a United States service member killed in action post 9-11. The placard attached to each boot displays the name and photo of the fallen along with biological information, military branch, rank, and circumstances of death. The memorial is updated yearly to incorporate additional service members killed in the ongoing Global War on Terror. At the request of OSDRI, Rafter and I once again deployed to their annual Memorial Day Weekend event to help remember and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country in the post 9-11 Global War on Terror. This year the weather was beautiful and many, many people came out on Memorial Day to pay their respects to our fallen heroes. As we were last year, Rafter and I were greeted warmly by many folks in attendance including lots and lots of children.

Agency: Operation Stand Down Rhode Island
Teams: None