Boulder King Sooper shooting

Start Date: 2021-04-04

Description: This is actually an addendum to my initial report: 1. Be sure to hydrate and if you feed dry kibbles to your partner add water to the kibbles to assist in extra hydration. 2. The Flatirons Natural Pet Market is in the same shopping center. The owner is awesome. We had been on the road, through dusty territory, for 5 days so ZuZu was a mess. I found the pet market the morning of the deployment and explained who we were and why we were there. The owner showed me to the wash area, got us all set up and then refused any payment. How very kind and supportive! If you need any supplies while there please support her business. Walking directions: Go out the door of the center, look straight ahead and you will see a yoga center upstairs, a tattoo parlor, and a kick boxing center - walk up those stairs. At the top of the stairs make a right, go through the passageway, once through you will see shops on your right, the pet market is just a little ways down from there.

Agency: Boulder locality
Teams: Wendy and Stella; Chris and Mia