Boulder Resource Center

Start Date: 2021-04-24

Description: Set up presence in common space of Boulder, CO Resource Center. Available for interactions with attendees to Resource Center either just to interact with the dogs, or to interact with dogs while awaiting appointments with other resource providers located at the Resource Center. Also interacted daily with Resource Center staff upon arrival to introduce the dogs to them, and let them know we were available for visits at any time during the day when they chose to take a break from their activities. Most of the individuals visiting the Resource Center were King Sooper employees who were there engage with King Sooper HR Representatives on HR related issues arising from the aftermath of the shooting. There were a couple of King Sooper employees who came daily just to decompress and spend time with the dogs, and a few who were there to engage with counseling services. There were also several community members who visited the Resource Center over the four days I was there to investigate or partake in available counseling services. Busier times of the day tended be between 11-1 pm when King Soopers HR scheduled appointments to see employees.

Agency: Boulder Office of Emergency Management
Teams: Janet Breur (PNW) 4/24 3-7 pm, Mackenzie Blake 4/24 and 4/25 11-3pm, Maggie Tai Tucker 4/27 11-6 pm and 4/28 11-3 pm