Cal Fire Deployment

Start Date: 01/26/2021


WallE and I arrived at our first station right at a shift change. We were asked to wait, then apparently they got busy so we never did get in to see them. At the second station they were eating breakfast. We were invited in, but I kept WallE back because of the food. Little by little, as they finished eating, they would get up and come and visit WallE. In the meantime, they seemed to talk more about feelings and personal problems. It was very emotional. The next station got a call just as we were pulling up so we waited. They were happy to see us when they got back, especially WallE. We stayed about an hour and a half. It was very personal and very emotional. Finally, at the last station, we were at greeted with open arms. They remembered our Hope Dogs from the Every 15 Minutes Program. As the day unfolded, it became very clear how much these firemen needed us and the help of their peer support.

Agency: Peer Support