Cal Ripkin Sr. Mass Vaccination Center

Start Date: 2021-05-14

Description: Maryland VOAD has been staffing the Greenbelt, MD mass vax center. While there, they invited the dogs to visit. Maryland VOAD had also been asked to assist with a task at the Six Flags mass vax center. Again, they invited the dogs to visit. And there the head of the Cal Ripkin Sr. mass vax center asked that we come out to his facility, especially for nurses appreciation week. After participating in a deployment in a community in Baltimore, we then continued to Aberdeen, Maryland, and this mass vax center. They are drive through. So we visited in their administrative and break rooms, and then the nurses/staff on the line where the cars drive through, and the shots are given. Lots of others gathered to greet us. At the end of a Friday afternoon, they were particularly happy to see us.

Agency: Maryland Emergency Management Agency
Teams: Shellie Goldstein & Emma