Caldor LAC in El Dorado County

Start Date: 2021-08-30

Description: We were asked to visit the LAC in Placerville. It was at a college campus, and the 2 rooms were laid out with tables around the perimeters of resources for those in need, including government agencies, non-profits, and Red Cross and Salvation Army. The people would get in line outside and wait while others were inside getting direction and help to find the right resources for them. The dog teams were asked to walk around and be available to everyone including the resource reps. We alternated walking around and visiting in each of the two rooms, and then also visited with people waiting in line, outside. Some days were busier than others, and they requested us for 6 days (asking for an additional day when they realized they may be needed longer than planned). We were able to attend for 4 of those days. One day we had two teams. Many people were distracted with stress, and uninterested in the dogs, but there were also lots of people who were very grateful to see the dogs, including the resource reps. We found that we were most appreciated by people as they were waiting in line outside and the lobby, just before they were being assisted by the other LAC volunteers. Oncec they were in the rooms, they were busy getting information from the available resource reps. We were however, able to sit with some of the kids who came in, while their family members were getting information at the tables, so the kids could be distracted.

Agency: CalOES
Teams: Kathy Felix with Cody, Michael Jacobs with Molly