CalFire Per Support-Riverside County

Start Date: 01/27/2021


HOPE AARC was asked to assist Cal Fire Peer Support to help firefighters de-stress in a few different fire stations through-out the day. We met the Captain and 2 Chaplains at the Cal Fire training center and from there we went to the 1st fire station. There were 3 individuals at the fire station and we stayed outside in the bay (very cold out). The peer support Captain talked to the guys about how he was pulling for them and was trying to get things to meet their needs. I heard horrific stories (massive amount of cursing) about what was happening in work and what could happen if things did not get better. All 3 of the fire stations thanked Stanford and I for coming but did, however, tell me that he (Stanford) would not be able to help them with what is going on. They would much rather be home with their own pets and family. At one of the stations I stood for 2 1/2 hours outside in the bay. There were a few that did love on Stanford but not for very long.

Agency: CalFire Peer Support