Camp Quality (OH) Virtual Visit

Start Date: 07/30/2020


HOPE Teams have been deploying to Camp Quality in Ohio for several years, but weren't able to this year due to the pandemic. Team Darby and Team Sunny deployed virtually to the camp's 4th day (morning "bugle"). All the participants were used to the format and the HOPE teams had no problems signing on. It was obvious that the kids enjoyed watching the dogs before it was even our turn to present. Carrie explained the types of things HOPE dogs do and showed some pictures from Darby's annual calendar. Angie followed this with further explanation and upon mentioning that Sunny lives with several other animals, a request was made by a young camper to see some of them. Taco, the bearded dragon, and Buffy the chicken made an appearance, with the help of Angie's daughter. The campers got a big kick out of seeing a lizard and chicken together! It was a fun time all around.

Agency: Camp Quality (OH)

Carrie Jones & Darby; Angie Moe & Sunny