Career Day - Hawthorne Girls Group

Start Date: 11/02/2019


Lameka Bell had a cancellation for this event and asked that I come and speak with a dog. I was not able to attend without a dog.

Pam Bertz, acting RD gave me permission to attend with Kelda II.

This is a group of local school age girls who are doing various projects, learning various skills to prepare for the world at large. This group has adult leaders and Lameka is one of the leaders of this group.

Scotty was not present so Kelda visited with the girls, presenters, parents, etc. when it was appropriate. All the speakers were women who told about their background and the jobs/careers they had. It was quite inspiring as some of the speakers had come to the US as young adult from other countries and did not know English when they came. One was an ER nurse and the other was an assistant DA. I spoke about being a paralegal and volunteer work for HOPE and explained that we were to go up the the Kincade fire base camp and other volunteer organizations .

Agency: Hawthorne Police Department