Search and Rescue Support Cedar MI

Start Date: 04/16/2022


We were deployed to Cedar, MI to support the Alpena Search and Rescue team and the family during the search for a 40 year old male who went missing the week prior. The missing person's car was found at the staging site. Anna Marten and Maggie arrived at 9am for the briefing and Kristen Smith and Comet arrived at 9:30am. The male went missing on April 8 and his car was found parked by some tennis courts in Cedar, MI. Alpena County Search and Rescue was deployed with their dogs to search the area. The area is swampy with rough conditions and many hazards. HOPE AACR was asked to assist and be available for the family members that were present and for the search team. HOPE AACR teams interacted with the family for about 20 minutes due to the family being out knocking on doors and not having any indoor facilities and the cold/snowy weather. There were 7 family members present with 2 kids ages 10 and 12. The family was very appreciative of all that was happening and enjoyed having Maggie and Comet there. We also interacted with the search teams between and after their search operations. They were also very appreciative of having us there. Unfortunately the missing person was not found. Had he been found there would have been more family there and many more interactions. Though there was quite a bit of sitting and waiting, it was a worthwhile deployment and a valuable connections were made with the Alpena County Search and Rescue Team.

Agency: Alpena County Search and Rescue

Anna Marten