City of Huntington Beach City Hall

Start Date: 06/17/2020


HOPE was asked to provide support to Huntington Beach City employees as they returned to work after being off for over 12 weeks. We were asked to set up in the breeze way between City Hall and the Police Department. The employees were instructed to exit the building and interact with the dogs outside the building. As the employees approached dogs, they were offered hand sanitizer prior to petting the dogs. Our teams wore face coverings during the entire deployment. Once the deployment was completed, Grace and I made a visit to the Huntington Beach Police department. While making our visit, the HTB PD PIO (Press information officer) asked us to pose with some of the staff for their Social Media pages. We visited with about 40 employees at the police station. Our teams left at about 1330 hours.

Agency: City of Huntington Beach

Grace Chen (Bagel) Kathy Lowmiller (Mariah)