Coconino VOAD meeting

Start Date: 2019/08/28

Description: This was a regular VOAD meeting that takes place every three weeks. The meetings location changed to the newly established Museum Flood Assistance Center. The center hasn't opened yet, but Sybil wanted us all to see the preparations that had taken place. Several tables had been set up in various places throughout the center, along with private rooms available as needed. They had phone service, fax and internet capabilities as well. HOWEVER, while we were there it began to rain, both outside and inside. The roof leaked so badly we had to place wastepaper baskets and anything else we could find to contain the water literally pouring into the space. With potential mud slides a real concern after the Museum Fire several weeks ago, this center my open sooner than they think. During the presentation by Mr. Jan Albright, Regional Coordinator for Rubicon, it also began to hail; the noise was so loud we could barely hear him over the din of pelting hail. His presentation was very interesting, Rubicon has been in existence since 2010, has over 100,000 members, 71% of whom are military veterans, and they have done over $6 million worth of work. Definitely an asset to crisis response. When there was a lull in the rain and hail, many members chose to exit, some having to drive back to Phoenix.

Agency: Coconino Voad
Teams: none