Conneaut Area High School

Start Date: 2021-12-15

Description: This callout was to provide comfort to students and staff because of the death of long-time music teacher at the school. We relieved fellow HOPE member Doug Dunbar and Murray at noon. A staff member took us to a classroom where we dropped off our belongings and then showed us our way to the teacher's classroom. While there we met with many students of the teacher and some other staff who would occassionally pop in and out of the room. Largely, I was on my own left to navigate through the "Annex" on my own. I visited several rooms where students were gathered. The setting was pretty chaotic as there seemed to be very little structure to the school day. Students were left to roam the hallways without much supervision, it seemed. At one point, I was left standing in a hallway of the school after meeting with a group of students by myself. there was a teacher down the hall who was interacting with a visibly distraught student who was clearly agitated. I waited for a few minutes before walking down the hall with Finnegan and stationed Finn and myself close to the boy and the student without forcing ourselves into the situation (and to provide reassurance to the teacher). after a few minutes and an invited prescence of Finnegan, the student seemed to compose himself and went off. It would have been nice to have a staff member sty with us, but that wasn't the case.

Teams: Doug Dunbar and Murray