Cooling/Charging Station and Shelter Carmel, IN

Start Date: 05/10/2019


Multiple storms and mini tornadoes hit on May 9 - trees on houses, wide spread power outages in Carmel and north side of Indianapolis. Heat index was mid 90's heavy humidity. areas where without power for 3-5 days in both cities. Carmel High school opened it's doors to provide a cooling station and electrical for area to recharge cell phones, computers etc.
Families came in, parents and teens recharged and checked emails etc. Games were out for the kids to cool down and wait for charging to be completed.

Charlie was asked to come to offer relief of power outage and family frustrations. We visited with the adults, then spent time with the small kids.

Deployment was for 2 days.

Agency: CERT and INVOAD

Gayle Sprinkle and Charlie