County of Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner

Start Date: 06/20/2019


This was our second visit to the LA Coroner's Office of which Calvin was very happily received again. We visited their staff from each of the three buildings and Calvin also met some new staff which were not working on the day of our previous visit. There was a great amount of conversation since our last visit regarding Calvin and his role as a HOPE AACR member which brought out more staff to meet and great Calvin. Calvin continues to make a very positive impression on the staff and they all wished their own animals were just as calm and comforting as are "all HOPE AACR dogs". Many cards were given out to those staff new to Calvin. We met some medical students from Ireland and Calvin had the opportunity to comfort a young lady that was tearful on the phone talking to her family overseas.

We also had the opportunity to visit with medical physician (coroners), prior to their staff meeting which brought many smiles to their faces.

I was given a card by a staff member of their former K-9 dog - Indiana "Indy" Bones, handler Karina Peck. He was a German Shepherd from the Netherlands and was a Human Remains Detection Canine who worked for the LA County Medical Examiner Office. He has unfortunately passed on, but leaves a legacy of love and professionalism with the LA Coroner's Office.

Lastly, unbeknown to me, the staff wanted to celebrate Calvin's June birthday, so two administrative assistants bought a "dog birthday cake" with Calvin's name on it to celebrate his June birthday; a very thoughtful gesture. Another employee gifted Calvin with as oversized tennis ball. A lot of kindness and appreciation to HOPE AACR in a daily difficult environment.

Agency: County of Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner