County of Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner

Start Date: 05/20/2019


I was initially contacted via email by Paul Parker, Chief Deputy Director regarding Calvin and I being deployed to visit his staff of 250 employees who deal with death in some way or another all day, every day. His focus is on employee well-being and HOPE AACR would be an important part of this master plan of integrating crisis response dogs, chaplaincy programs, mindfulness training and increased availability of psychological and mental health resources.

Calvin and I were specifically referred to him by an attendee of the LA Science Museum Gala of which many of our HOPE dogs attended. I had a phone conversation with Paul prior to our deployment as well as with the Public Information Officer, Sarah Ardalani, who created and sent out a flyer with Calvin’s picture and information on it to all employees notifying them of our upcoming visit.

I was met in the main lobby by Paul and Sarah and for the following 3.5 hours we walked through each department in 3 buildings visiting with all staff that were available. Calvin was so well received by all and even pampered by one employee that brought him designer cookies from Pasadena. Everyone that interacted with Calvin all left smiling and were thrilled to receive a HOPE card from Calvin. At the end of our visit, Calvin received an LA Coroner’s pin and we were honored to be told we were now considered family.

In Paul Parker’s follow-up email from our visit he states that “our visit was the most positive addition to his office in many years.” He saw relationships with his staff and between his staff as well as smiles and happiness that was unobservable prior to our visit. Paul expressed to me that he would like Calvin and I to come up once per month as our time allows as he feels that Calvin has made an impressionable bond with his staff.

Agency: County of Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner