Courthouse Dog

Start Date: 2021-05-13

Description: We were requested by Asst. City Prosecutor's office to attend a court hearing with a 13 year old minor child testifying against her Step-father. We were not given the opportunity of a Meet and Greet prior to the hearing date, which is the usual practice so the child is comfortable with the court room and the dog. When we walked into Lobby on 8th floor, the young girl seemed hesitant to even touch Maxx and grabbed her father's arm to come pet him with her. I sat on the floor with her and gave her Maxx's card and a small Black Lab plush toy and within minutes she was petting Maxx and comfortable. She even wanted to sit next to Maxx and I in the courtroom behind her father and Step-Mother. They both made the comment to me several times how "calm" their daughter was and how Maxx was helping her to relax. She was called first to testify and Maxx and I sat right with her and I gave her a 2nd leash to hold Maxx, which she put right on her arm like I had the other leash on mine. Maxx laid very quietly at the girls feet while she testified. The Prosecutor told her if she felt nervous just to look at someone who made her feel calm... and she said "I'll look at Maxx". I sat out with her and her Father outside the courtroom afterward during the rest of the hearing, just in case she was called back in for some reason. Successful afternoon, and Maxx did awesome for his first time in court!! Quiet as a mouse and did just what he was supposed to do!

Agency: Phoenix Municipal Courthouse
Teams: none