Covid Vaccine Clinic, Bothell High School

Start Date: 2022-02-06

Description: This was a very busy and very efficient vaccine setup with an estimated 1000 appointments. Most were children receiving their second vaccine dose, but also some adults. Hosted at Bothell High School (Northshore School District) with clinicians provided by Shoreline FD. This session wasn't quite as busy as December's event and we were able to provide good support with the teams we deployed. 10 private booths were lined up on one side of the gym making it difficult to assess when and where a team should visit. The team leader was very helpful in keeping an eye out and directed our team(s) where needed. For example, we had one family that brought in their own dog! Needless to day, the therapy dogs were a big hit. Clinicians quickly realized how helpful the dogs could be in calming a stressed child and often sought us out directly. Some of the children specifically came to "see the dogs".

Agency: Shoreline FD, Northshore School District
Teams: Jenny Buckley & Sage, Debbie Cox & Cassie, Jennifer Dardzinski & Floyd, Connie Redmond & Zelda