Currie Middle School Mental Health Awarness Fair

Start Date: 05/09/2019


We were asked to attend the Currie Middle School Mental Health Awareness Fair. Our role was to comfort students and staff at the fair. This was the schools first fair and the first exposure to Crisis Comfort dogs. Since there was only 2 teams, and no team leader, we were left to deal with all the very exuberant middle school children. There were two lunch shifts. During the first lunch shift, Henry and Bagel were swarmed by students. I asked the school staff to help with organizing the students so the dogs would not become overwhelmed or injured. One staff member made attempt to help but it was clear she didn't understand what the issue was. I could see Henry was not having a good day and was becoming stressed. After the first lunch shift, I took him to the car to rest. During the second lunch shift, I took the role of team leader for Grace and Bagel. Bagel did a great job of handling the second lunch shift. With me running interference for Grace and Bagel, it was a lot easier for Grace and Bagel to handle the students. After the second lunch shift, we left.

Agency: Mental Health Specialist (FIRST Team)

Grace Chen and Bagel