Dentistry from the Heart, Billings, Montana

Start Date: 02/15/2020


We were asked to attend Dentistry of the heart in Billings. While doing my research I learned that Dentistry of the Heart is actually a nonprofit organization that provides free dental services to those who can't afford them around the world. Many volunteers come together to make these events happen. Gail and I met at the event and there was a tent where people first registered and then waited. There were two buildings where the services were actually being done. The volunteers would call people in groups of 10 to go to the building and then they would wait in the reception area until their turn. We moved between the tent, and the two buildings to offer the dogs to people waiting and the volunteers also loved the dogs. We had lots of wonderful interactions and many people loved to talk about their pets at home.

Agency: Brewer Dental Clinic

Gail Richardson & Lamar