Desert Verizon Elementary School

Start Date: 11/13/2019


A teacher had collapsed in the classroom on 11/12 and passed away on the way to the hospital. Students witnessed it and had to go for help (2nd grade). A request came in morning of 11/13 requesting teams to be there as they were telling kids about the passing. Three teams were able to respond quickly and spend some time with them. We visited about 20 students first - they were very happy to see the dogs and a number of them seemed to relax during the visit. The next group were the students who had the teacher last year. Again, very glad we were there. On 11/14, the teams visited with teachers and counselors first. Several 4th graders came to visit - very sad initially but much better after the visit. The second graders came, then 8th graders, and it was noisy but the dogs were great - remained very calm. The 8th graders presented the 2nd graders each with a handmade pillow to remind them they weren’t alone. On both days the trading cards were a huge hit. Big thanks to responding so quickly.

Agency: PSW

11/13 - Pam Reinke, Sheryl Clark, Stephanie Clark. 11/14 - Sheryl Clark, Diane Spence, Marla Martella