Dublin High School Student Deaths

Start Date: 01/06/2020


We were requested to assist the school community ("3000+ students and a couple of hundred staff") during the lunch hour Monday for staff only, Tuesday being escorted to visit the 3 classes each period of the 7 period in the school day, where one of the boys was missing. We circulated through the classes with 1-2 dog teams as available for the teachers and students in the classes. We also assisted other classes on-call due to relatives in the other classes having a hard time and needing comfort. During lunch, we went to the school wellness center to be available for those people, there. Other therapy and assistance dog teams would be in the quad at lunchtime to support the community. On Friday we were available to all the staff and students at lunchtime during a student created memorial event with student speakers, counselors, and a balloon release, and art tribute memorial service.

Agency: Dublin School District

Jennifer Rose: Lady Grace, Lisa McCoy: Roma, Kathy Felix: Cody, Stephanie Barger: Berlin