El Paso County Health Department Operations, Colorado Springs, CO

Start Date: 03/13/2020


Hope was asked by Lisa Powell to bring our dogs to provide stress relief for her staff who have been working on this coronavirus situation. Oh My, we were so welcomed and so needed! That department has been working 24/7. They are constantly having to adjust their plans as new announcements happen. When Lisa saw what a huge comfort our dogs were to her staff, she asked our escort to take us to a couple of other departments who are also involved. Again and again, we were welcomed with "you have made my day!". HOPE may be asked to take our dogs to the EOC next week.

Lisa Powell was actually the speaker at the VOAD meeting which Janice and I attended last Thursday. Interestingly El Paso County was is pretty good shape then. It's quickly changing as was expected. Lisa stressed (besides hand washing) that we look at credible websites, like the CDC, and not depend on the media. VOAD is suggesting to all the members that they encourage their communities to be real communities by checking on neighbors.
After the meeting, a few of us stayed for a hands only CPR class given by Sally Blanchard with the Red Cross. It's not a certification class, but a review. Janice and I both thought it was good. Sally mentioned that she can give this class to small groups. That may be something for us to keep in mind for a future meeting or workshop.

Agency: El Paso County Health Dept

Shirley Abbott & Lyrrik