Estrella Elementary School, Avondale, Az

Start Date: 2019/10/14

Description: A first grade teacher was killed in an automobile accident before the fall break last week, we were asked to deploy to comfort her classroom as well as her fellow teachers and staff. We arrived before 9:00 to get acquainted and meet the staff, the social worker took us to the library where one girl was sobbing uncontrollably. Cinder and I sat down with her an almost immediately her breathing began to slow down and the tears began to slow. Other students came in and were immediately drawn to the dogs, petting, hugging and generally enjoying their company. Several faculty and staff also came in to be comforted by Manda and Cinder. After about an hour and a half, we were escorted to the teacher's classroom to meet with the rest of her students. This situation was a lot more boisterous, and while we tried to not allow the boys and girls to "swarm" both Manda and Cinder, it was almost impossible. We didn't stay very long, just enough for everyone to get to pet and be with the dogs, besides, I believe the teachers and counselors wanted to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. The little girl sobbing uncontrollable, my first encounter, came up to me before we left and said that she was still sad but Cinder made her happy for a little while, then she gave me a big hug. I love this "job"!

Agency: Estrella Elementary School,
Teams: Jamie Deppey and Manda