FEMA Mass Vaccination Site Greenbelt

Start Date: 2021-05-15

Description: This is a FEMA run mass vaccination site at the Greenbelt MD metro station. TJ and I arrived a bit before the 9am opening and walked up and down the line of folks waiting to enter to allow them time to pet the dog. Then once the site was open for a while, we walked in the site tent where folks waited for their 15 or 30 min time period before leaving after their vaccination. TJ and I walked both the line outside and the waiting room inside three times during a 2 1/2 hr period. The lines were generally about 50 -75 folks long and the waiting room had about 50 folks each 30 mins or so. We were hopefully able to soothe some nerves in the waiting line and alleviate some boredom in the waiting room all in the service of reducing stress for the vaccination process. I also asked for our contact Lt Brown USCG a few times and although he was expected sometime during the day, he was not on site during the time I was there. I left a HOPE contact card with a coworker of his from the USCG. I also met a Mr. Kennedy from the MEMA organization and gave him a HOPE contact card.

Agency: FEMA and MEMA
Teams: none