FEMA Region 10 Youth Preparedness Camp

Start Date: 2019/08/22

Description: We had an amazing call out today at FEMA Region 10 Youth Preparedness Camp. 40 kids were selected from over 100 applicants from Alaska, Washington, Idaho, and Oregan to participate in this first-of-a-kind 5-day CERT event. A great opportunity for them, and a great experience for our teams! Many "top brass" from FEMA and other agencies were on hand to observe the effectiveness of this event. Our dogs did a great job providing comfort for stressed kids and agency folks. A key highlight was a helicopter rescue demonstration by the National Guard, something most of our dogs had never seen before. They did great.

Agency: FEMA
Teams: Connie Clark-Redmond & Zelda, Ailynn Collins & Lady Rose, Lia Bijsterveld & Haley, Nancy Noble & Baner, Raquel Lackey & Pickles