Fitchburg MA Condo Bombing/Fire

Start Date: 2019/09/25

Description: A resident of a 22 unit condo building in Fitchburg MA detonated multiple improvised explosive devices, IEDs, in his unit, destroying the building. He was the sole fatality. Two people were hospitalized and are recovering. Many pets are reported missing. Hope was called to provide comfort at the Resource Recovery Center. Our most significant accomplishments: interacting with responders and connecting families with the animal control officer, providing him with pet photos, names and contact information. All the disaster response organizations—ARC, Salvation Army, behavioral health, MA state aid agencies also really appreciated the dogs. 105 interactions: 50 survivors, 15 police and responders, 40 Resource Recovery Center staff. The RRC was scheduled to be in operation from 11AM to 8PM. By 4PM all the residents had been serviced and the center closed early. MEMA led a closing Hot Wash after-action discussion—the first and multiply repeated comment: The Hope dogs are the stars! Wow!

Agency: Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
Teams: Christine Palmer & Rafter, Natalie Thompson & Coda, Karyn Cordner & Raven, Cathie Parsons & Yukon, Peg Kirby & Dolce.