Fort Meade/NSA

Start Date: 2022-04-08

Description: We visited three different locations - Bldg. 306 where all 3 teams interacted with approx. 40 people; then one Team (Glenn and Glory accompanied by Jan Bonds to Bldg. 318, floor 3 conference room and Floor 4 complete tour of whole floor - approx. 170 people); and the other teams (Gayle & Hoot, Cece & Hamish accompanied by Laurie Hansen to the main NSA Bldg- approx 228 people meeting 2 dogs). The split was considered was not known until we arrived, but we felt confident that the escort and security requirements were such that it allowed us to see more people and provide more services. Ms. Hansen is only a potential TL, but I made a judgment call. Because of her experience, background and knowledge of HOPE, and her ability to oversee the teams and ensure their safety and security considerations, it was determined that it was acceptable for the 2 teams to go with her to the other building. Additionally, Gayle and Hoot have been at the facility two previous times to this deployment, and were well-versed in what would be required and occur. Everyone encountered of course was very happy to see us and the dogs all did very, very well. They had a good workday, and all were happy and safe.

Agency: NSA
Teams: Glenn Lesher and Glory, Gayle Bragg and Hoot, CeCe Peterson and Hamish