Gallatin County trial support, Bozeman, MT

Start Date: 12/03/2019


This was the same trial Gail reported on. Maggie and I were there on Tuesday afternoon for 3 hours and we were asked to return on Wednesday afternoon. My report is primarily for Wednesday.
The staff was happy to see Maggie again - she had made a few new friends on Tuesday! There were two witnesses present and Maggie interacted with each of them. After we were there for about 30 minutes a young woman was brought in and sat across from us. She had just finished testifying and she was very tearful and upset. Maggie and I went over and I sat next to her. She immediately started petting Maggie and was quietly crying and looking down. After a few minutes she began to interact with me, asking questions about Maggie. I asked her if she would like to see some pictures of Maggie when she was little. She said she would. I carry a small photo album (Thank you, Mary Martin) and she started going through the pictures. She was soon smiling and giggling and continued to pet Maggie. When she left a bit later, her head was up and she was no longer looking so very sad.
Maggie and I are new to this crisis work. As I sat there watching Maggie and this young woman, I was so moved by this experience. I felt honored to be able to help (hopefully) begin this healing process for this very brave, very young, woman.
My thanks to HOPE for allowing me to part of your amazing organization.

Agency: Gallatin County Victim Services