Gannon University (anniversary of student/member of baseball team suicide)

Start Date: 2022-03-14

Description: We all met in the lobby of the Gannon Rec Center. Kelly asked that two teams (Tami/Remi and John/Finnegan)) go up to meet the baseball team and the third team (Doug and Murray) remain in the lobby. The baseball team was finishing dinner while we were there, but Tami and I walked our dogs between the tables to greet the team members and then stood off to the side to make or dogs available to team members as they left to go to the church. Kelly asked that we all remain behind, in the lobby, to make ourselves available to any other students, student athletes until 7:45pm. At that time we were to make our way over to the Mary Seat of Wisdom Chapel and stay in the grassy area on the side of the church. When the service inside the chapel concluded, around 8pm, the students, faculty and baseball team members inside were dismissed to the grassy area where they were met by the women's softball team members and other students. There were remembrances, prayers and talks from counselors and then candles were lit and a moment of silence observed. When things wrapped up, our teams were still present and available to all who wanted more interaction from our dogs.

Agency: Gannon University
Teams: Doug Dunbar and Murray, John Knauer and Finnegan, Tami Farrell and Remi